Piers Morgan’s Gender Neutral Comments On Good Morning Britain Cause Huge Row


Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan got into a heated debate with co-host Susana Reid over John Lewis’ decision to ditch gender labels for children’s clothes.

You can bet on three things in this world: death, taxes and Piers Morgan angrily expressing his opinion in the crassest manner possible.

The latest issue to get under Piers’ collar comes as department store John Lewis has entered the gender identity debate.

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The retail giant, in bid to move with the times, has decided to remove gender identities from their kids clothes line, therefore making it gender neutral.

Naturally the ex-Daily Mirror editor-in-chief was against this move, claiming ‘it should not be allowed’ and that his three sons have ‘never’ shown an interest in wearing female clothing.

His opinion was the total opposite of his co-host (and long suffer of Morgan’s creepy advances) Reid who said that she would let her son wear girls clothes if that’s what he wanted to wear.


On Morgan’s first day back he spewed out:

None of my sons have shown any interest in wearing dresses, and my daughter wears 20 dresses a day…

Why can’t we let boys be boys and girls be girls?

He also accused John Lewis of:

… trying to turn the planet into a gender neutral planet and it should not be allowed to happen.


He also tried riling up John Lewis’ head of children’s wear, Caroline Bettis, by asking if she’d ‘let young girls to into loos with 15-year-old boys’.

However Bettis refused to drawn into his vitriol explaining:

I have come on here to talk about clothes, and you are talking about toilets.


As if in on cue, the debate sparked up huge opinions on Twitter with some coming in favour of Morgan’s views.

However many thought that his views on gender neutral clothing was jaded and out of date.

During the live show Morgan also clashed with transgender model Munroe Bergdorf who was unceremoniously let go from her L’Oreal modelling contract after voicing her opinions on the issue of inherit racism in white people.

Those that were on the side of the firebrand host were quick to take to Twitter and pledge support to Morgan, even threatening to stop shopping at the popular department store. Trouble was they were tweeting at the wrong person, turns out it was just a guy named John Lewis from Blacksburg, Virginia in the United States.

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This was Morgan’s first day back on the show since breaking three of his ribs. Piers has been covered by the likes of Eamonn Holmes and Richard Madeley – who loyal GMB viewers begged to stay on instead of letting Morgan back onto their screens.

Too bad Morgan couldn’t stay off sick longer, eh?