Piers Morgan’s Latest Comments Will Make You Hate Him Even More


The king of controversial breakfast TV, Piers Morgan, has struck again.

And what was it that kicked up a stir on this morning’s episode – simple. Piers claiming that he has no issue with physically dealing with other people’s rude children, reports the Mirror.

To be more precise, he was referring to the recent incident which took place in Lancashire when an elderly man repeatedly asked a gang of children to take their feet off the seats however when they refused he put one of them into an armlock.


Commenting on the issue, Piers revealed that he was not entirely against disciplining another person’s child – however he admitted that there’s a fine line.

He said:

We don’t know what went on. The kid could have been behaving like a brat and he just lost his rag.

Piers then put himself in the shoes of the elderly man and said that there are certain situations where he believes it to be okay to physically intervene if a child is behaving badly.


Such situations include if Piers were to see a child physically harming another person – then he would intervene.

He added:

I might physically remonstrate and hold that child down until somebody came along. But there is a fine line. If a child isn’t physically hitting another but behaving in a disrespectful way, that’s a line people feel uncomfortable about.

I’ve had journeys with incredibly disrespectful children and there has been no guardian in sight. The temptation to have words for them is quite overwhelming sometimes. But instead, I tend to just look at them sternly.

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