Piers Morgan’s Pants Pulled Down On Live TV, Shows What No One Wants To See

Piers MorganSky

Piers Morgan isn’t the most popular man in the country, but he certainly knows how to be controversial.

The Good Morning Britain host is always in the headlines for something he says, or for revealing a ridiculous belief.

But this wasn’t all he was revealing on A League Of Their Own, after Freddie Flintoff pulled down his pants and showed the world what nobody wanted to see.

Check out the full embarrassing moment in the video below:

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Piers quickly pulls his pants back up as James Corden cackles from behind his desk.

Piers said to the audience:

I was hanging on there for dear life… My apologies if you saw anything you shouldn’t have.


This comes just one day after his latest ridiculous comment on Good Morning Britain, in which he said he approved of kids being given a sick bucket during class as opposed to being sent home.

He quipped about his co-host, Susanna, who he says is regularly sick and pulled out a little bin to illustrate his ‘joke’.

Yeah, so were the guys in the front row of A League Of Their Own but you don’t see them complaining Piers!