Piers Morgan’s Tea Making Technique Leaves Viewers Disgusted

Piers MorganGetty

Now everyone has their own perfect cup of tea, it’s something of a major debate among all serious tea drinkers.

But usually it’s just a debate over how long it needs brewing and the ratio of teabag to water.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the milk doesn’t go in first. Or at least so we thought.

Piers MorganITV/ Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan today revealed his tried and tested method for making the ideal cuppa and it does not sound good.

He admitted live on TV that he put the milk in first, which is pretty much social suicide in this country.

Even worse, he told the whole nation that he uses four teabags per cup of tea!

To a nation of viewers and stunned co-hosts he explained his inexcusable method with confidence.

He said:

Personally I would never just do it with a bag in a cup. Always brew it in a pot. I’m a four teabag man in a pot.

Four teabags for about four minutes. If you over-stew it becomes undrinkable but even then it’s better than under-stew.

That hurts my soul. Imagine the bitterness of a four teabag brew!

Check out the video here:

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I always knew Piers Morgan was an oddball but this might just be the worst thing he’s come out with in his career.

Even fellow presenter Charlotte Hawkins was shocked with him.

The revelations have caused a bit of a storm on social media, with people on all sides of the Piers Morgan spectrum voicing their disgust at his drinking habits.

He then further fueled the fire when he told co-host Susanna Reid that the brew she made for him was categorically not the way to make a cup of tea.

I don’t know how she copes with him every morning to be honest.

Piers MorganITV/ Good Morning Britain

Let’s face it though, I’m not surprised he has a controversial way of making tea.

The guy is basically just a walking shit storm.