Pixar Releases Finding Nemo Version Of Where’s Wally To Help With Boredom

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Mar 2020 11:19
Pixar Release Finding Nemo Version Of Where's Wally To Help With BoredomPixar/Twitter

Self-isolation is bringing out the ingenuity of domestic dwellers. However, sometimes you need a little help to avoid boredom, and luckily Pixar has just the distraction. 

If it isn’t already abundantly clear, you should be staying at home as much as possible under current circumstances. Yes, it’s for your own safety, but it’s also to the benefit of others who could further transmit the infection.


This means getting pretty well acquainted with your own home, whether it be in a big house or titchy flat. Understandably, people are feeling a little stir-crazy – so take a moment away from it all with this brainteaser, courtesy of the titanic animation studio.

Pixar Brainteaser Finding NemoPixar/Twitter

Dropped on Pixar’s Twitter, this gorgeous piece of artwork manages to fit in every single character from Finding Nemo amid a storm of colour and intricate design. However, while it’s stunning to look at, its primary purpose isn’t to pay tribute to the film – can you find Nemo?

Now, similarly to Where’s Wally?, this is a little tricky in that while you may see clownfish soaring across the image, they’re not all the titular infant. It’s also made all the more difficult as your eyes are drawn to your favourite characters, whether it Merlin, Dory or Crush. I’ll give you a minute before I reveal the location.

Finding Nemo GifFinding Nemo GifPixar

Ready? You sure? Okay, so, if you look just below the diver’s goggles towards the lower-left, you can see a clownfish giving us a wave with his lucky fin – that’s him!

Pixar Brainteaser Finding Nemo SolutionPixar/Twitter

The tweet – which has amassed more than 8,500 likes and 1,300 retweets – obviously attracted hundreds of replies, with many positing that the clownfish swimming above Bruce the shark are Nemo. To those chumps, I say: ‘Ha!’


If, like me, you’re now in the mood to watch the 2003 masterpiece, remember Disney+ drops in the UK tomorrow (if you pre-order today, you can save £10 on a year’s subscription).

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