Police Could Investigate Christopher Biggins’ ‘Anti-Semitic’ CBB Comments

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Katie Waissel’s mum has called for the police to investigate recent alleged anti-semitic comments made by renowned panto star, Christopher Biggins, while in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Biggins’ comments were branded a ‘hate crime’ by the singer’s mum, Diana Waissel, who said she felt ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the remarks, The Sun reports.

Channel 5 kicked Biggins off the reality show after he received three warnings over ‘offensive’ remarks he made while in the house.

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Speaking to The Sun, Biggins admitted that he’d made an inappropriate ‘joke’ about concentration camps to Jewish housemate Katie Waissel.

He apparently said:

You better be careful or they’ll be putting you in a shower and taking you to a room.

The z-list celeb now admits that he was joking about the Nazi’s, who attempted to wipe out the Jewish people during the Holocaust, but claims ‘it didn’t occur to [him] that’s what [he] was referring to’.

The brief time Biggins spent on the show was extremely controversial and he was warned numerous times about comments he made about AIDS and bisexuals.

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Speaking to The Mirror, Diana Waissel said: 

If his comments are as bad as we’re led to believe, they constitute a hate crime – police should be called in to investigate.

Our whole family have a proud Jewish heritage and are absolutely disgusted by Biggins.

But he’s not just hurt my daughter. It sounds like he’s said things offensive to most Jews.

He was a national treasure but now he’s not fit for TV. He should be banned – he’s a liability.


Katie Waissel’s grandparents were actually held at the notorious death camp Auschwitz and the singer has a star of David tattooed on her ankle.

Channel 5 cut Biggins’ joke from broadcast but rumours of his alleged anti-semitic jokes soon began to leak and he got the axe from Celebrity Big Brother.

It’s being reported he will not be receiving his fee for appearing on CBB.