Proof The Simpsons Predicted Pretty Much Every TV Show And Film Ever

Twentieth Century Fox

We can all agree the writers of The Simpsons are modern-day prophets.

The Simpsons famously predicted Trump’s presidency, the pizza paedophile conspiracy theory, numerous celebrity deaths, and Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance.

There are so many jokes made in its 617 episodes that have come true, some say it’s just probability, though some of them are pretty creepy.

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If you need any more evidence that Matt Groening is actually the oracle, look no further than the Simpsons Film’s Twitter account which shows scenes from the Simpsons which were blatantly just copied and pasted into current TV shows.

Battle of The Sexes (2017)

Apparently The Simpson family invented gender issues in sports, before Billie Jean King could even say ‘tennis’.

Paddington 2 (2017)

Even though Paddington has been around since the 1950s when he was written into fictional history, his movies clearly copy the yellow Springfieldians.

Gone Girl (2014)

Fincher might’ve made a movie with the greatest soundtrack (besides Guardians of the Galaxy) but according to this Twitter feed, he nabbed the whole premise.

Get Out (2017)

Not even award-winning ground-breaking socio-political horror, Get Out, was safe.

Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

But obviously, the feed would be remiss to exclude an already poor remake of the greatest murder mystery of all time. This is worth including for Homer’s facial hair alone.

Stranger Things 2 (2o17)

Even other TV shows are ripping off these classic animated scenes, apparently.

Death of Stalin (2017)

Indie satires are at it too… You can hardly blame them, considering The Simpsons might just be the greatest, funniest satire of America ever written.

Kingsman 2 (2017)

Beyond the exploding heads, would you take a look at those spectacles!? Plagiarism!

Babadook (2014)

The similarity between this shadowy Simpsonian fellow and the Babadook is just scary.

mother! (2017)

Even though no one understood it, can we all agree Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence were more than a little inspired by these scenes? (Or might this Twitter feed be overthinking it?)

Hail Caesar! (2016)

Dynamic duo, Joel and Ethan Cohen are under fire here too.

Dogma (1999)

Minus Marge’s trademark blue barnet, you’ve basically got Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in animated form, right?

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Okay, so the real time Tarantino action movie was a little more gorey, thanks to all the real fake blood, but The Simpsons must be cited in the end credits… Surely?

American Vandal (2017)

But who drew the d*cks?!

Game of Thrones (2017)

Eyes on you, HBO. The Mother of Dragons will be after you if she thinks her dragons weren’t the originals and that vengeance will spread like wildfire.

It (2017)

The horror phenomena of the year, Stephen King’s It, might’ve been based on a made-for-TV feature, but I bet you didn’t know it also took inspiration from The Simpsons… Probably.

Their latest tweet suggests even The Last Jedi has copied iconic scenes from the Simpsons… But in the interest of not including any spoilers – and not committing film blasphemy – it has been omitted.

Instead, have the trailer:

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You’re welcome.

May the force be with you and may The Simpsons keep being brilliant and creepy.