Quentin Tarantino Obliges To Genius Signing Request From Fan

by : Hannah Smith on : 24 Jun 2021 14:42
Quentin Tarantino Obliges To Genius Signing Request From FanPA Images

Quentin Tarantino has signed a lot of stuff in his life, but one of his fans recently revealed how they made an unorthodox request that may have taken him by surprise.

DJ Sher Arar shared a video of herself meeting the director, explaining that while other fans gathered around her showed up with classic items, like posters and clapperboards for him to sign, she had come empty handed.


Not willing to walk away from her encounter with the legendary filmmaker without proof, Sher asked him to sign the first thing that came to mind: her foot.


It might seem like a bizarre request, but as fans of Tarantino’s films will know, the Pulp Fiction director has a pretty well-known foot fetish, with the feet of female stars often prominently featured in his movies.

At first, the director seemed a bit confused by Sher’s request, but after realising what she’d asked, he was all too happy to oblige, even getting down on one knee to sign the top of her foot while continuing to chat to her.


Sher also asked Tarantino if he’d rate her foot, to which he replied, ‘I wouldn’t rate it, but it would be at the top.’

Quentin Tarantino signed a fan's foot (@dezertflake/TikTok)@dezertflake/TikTok

Sher’s TikTok has quickly gone viral, receiving more than 3 million views on the platform, and while some commenters didn’t seem to get the joke, Taratino’s fans have found it hilarious.

‘Top tier foot: Tarantino approved,’ one person commented, while another wrote, ‘I would have thought many people had already made similar requests but seems like you were the first.’


Sher herself is capitalising on her newfound fame by turning her Tarantino-approved feet into NFT artwork.

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