‘Racist’ Netflix Show Gets One Million Dislikes In A Day


The latest Netflix original, Dear White People, has sparked a wave of outrage and supposedly lost the streaming service thousands of subscribers.

Dear White People’s trailer had more than 250,000 dislikes after it was posted on YouTube and there have been accusations that millions of views and negative comments were deleted.

The trailer, which pokes fun at white people’s attitude toward black people, has been accused of being racist by people online who belive the programme represents a double standard.

Check it our for yourself: 

A number of people commented that there’d be outrage if the programme was called ‘Dear Black People’ ans promised that they would quit the streaming service.

Ryan Luster wrote:

Dear Netflix, not only white people are down voting this. And to the whole internet, stop race baiting.

Unfortunately, as so often happens, the comment eventually devolved to racist rantings rather than informed argument and to be honest after watching the trailer I can’t help but think it’s just a bunch of triggered right wingers moaning at nothing.


The most vile comments resorted to throwing the N -word around to get their point across along with the usual alt-right bullshit like calling liberals ‘cucks’ and pro-Trump rhetoric.

Thankfully there were some reasonable people out there who pointed out that despite the caterwauling of petrified right wing folk the trailer was in fact decidedly not racist.

Jane Shomer wrote:

Great video Netflix. I’ll tell all my friends to subscribe to your service.

To be honest I think the trailer looks fine and it’s hilarious to see that people get such a bee in their bonnet about having the piss taken out of them for once.