Rami Malek And Pete Davidson’s Squid Game Country Remix Has Everyone In Tears

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Rami Malek And Pete Davidson's Squid Game Country Remix Has Everyone In TearsNBC

If you’re needing a Squid Game refresher, Rami Malek and Pete Davidson have the perfect recap – with a country twist. 

The No Time To Die actor made his Saturday Night Live debut on October 16, taking jabs at his own ‘resting villain face’ not lending itself to comedy and how the bad guys are just misunderstood. ‘Jaws is hungry, Dracula is thirsty, Frankenstein is horny… Darth Vader is just trying to reconnect with his son… Freddy Krueger is just encouraging kids to dream,’ he joked.


Given the world starting to emerge on the other side of Squid Game mania, it wasn’t a surprise to see SNL satirise it in some form. With the help of Davidson, the duo’s remix has already been viewed more than 2.5 million times online, with fans saying it’s ‘unbelievably catchy’ and ‘hilarious’.

Rami Malek in Saturday Night Live. (NBC)NBC

‘Don’t have a lot of money, drive a rusted out Chevy, I just got laid off, bar tab ain’t paid off,’ Davidson sings. ‘My ex-wife hates me, even had to sell my puppy,’ Malek continues. ‘So broke and it’s a damn shame, guess I gotta play the Squid Game,’ Davidson then sings.

The song manages to cover most of the show: Davidson ducks behind someone in Red Light Green Light; a random man has his eyes and kidney stolen; Davidson also sends Malek to his death on the glass bridge. ‘That’s what happens in the Squid Game, people die and it’s a damn shame,’ they sing.


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There’s also a funny moment when Malek tries to check the exchange rate for the prize money from won to USD. ’45 million won, that’s a whole lot of money, at least I think it is, I’m confused by the currency,’ he sings.

Fair warning, this does pretty much spoil the entirety of Squid Game

Among the comments, one user wrote, ‘Apparently Netflix wants to make a spin off of Squid Game set in the US, and I’m pretty sure that it’ll just be this video replayed 20 times in a row for 9 episodes.’ By the way, there are no plans for an English-language remake of Squid Game.


‘The fact that they worked the Korean Red Light, Green Light tune into the beat is absolutely incredible,’ another commented. ‘This should be an actual song add this to Spotify QUICK HERE’S MY LIKE,’ a third wrote.

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