Rami Malek Reveals Bizarre Way He Used To Try And Get Auditions

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In order to try and get auditions, Rami Malek has revealed the bizarre way he managed to deliver his acting headshots to agents. 

The BAFTA-winning actor, who most recently starred in the latest Bond movie No Time To Die, has revealed just what tricks he had up his sleeve to try and get closer to landing his next acting job when he was first starting out.


On Thursday night, when the 40-year-old appeared on James Corden‘s The Late Late Show, he divulged to the host and other guests, including co-star Daniel Craig, his ingenious way of making more people view his headshots, which even involved food.

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When Malek used to work as a pizza delivery man, he admitted that he used to sneak his headshots into the food orders, The Daily Mail reports.

When questioned by Craig as to whether the pizza plan led to any responses, Malek revealed that he had, in fact, got an audition as a result.


He said: 

I got an audition. I don’t think I got a call back. I think it was for, like, an M&M’s commercial. But I was just like, ‘Yeah, do it. I meant what do you have to lose?’

Malek even noted how he served celebrity customers such as Andy Garcia and George Clooney.

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Upon delivering the pizzas with the hidden headshots concealed within, Malek noted that he would then try to ‘get out of there as quickly as possible’, in case his plot was discovered.

Later in the show, Corden brought out Malek’s headshot from the time he had been delivering pizza, aged in his late teens to his early 20s.

Malek noted how, to cut costs, he had bought his headshots in bulk, to which he joked he ‘probably [still had] 420’ out of around the 500 he bought.

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After no one called back ‘for a year’, Malek eventually got a call back from a casting director, who asked to speak to his agent, humorously finding out that he represented himself.

Malek ended up landing his first-ever television role as a result, after he pushed for a meeting.

He said:

I just said, ‘You know, I’m 15 minutes away from Warner Bros. Bring me in, and let’s see how it goes.’ And I was just very presumptuous. She brought me in that day, got the call back and that was it. Got the gig—next day.


The show was comedy-drama Gilmore Girls, which first aired in 2004. Malek was featured in a guest spot of one of its episodes.

No Time To Die was released on September, 30 with Malek starring as Bond villain, Safin.

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