Oblivious Reality Contestants Live In Wilderness For A Year Despite Show’s Cancellation

Channel 4

Ten contestants who have been filming a reality survival show in the Scottish Highlands for Channel 4 have only just found out that the show they were on has been off air for seven months.

Launched by Channel 4, the show was called Eden, it was billed in the same vein as Castaway another original Channel 4 reality show from 2000. However instead of a nice lovely beach (that was prone to torrential rain) these contestants were placed in the Scottish Highlands.

More specifically they we’re in a remote place called Cul na Croise Bay, in Ardnamurchan where they were tasked with building a self-sustaining utopia devoid of any communication with the outside world. The show originally had 23 participants and was eventually whittled down to 10.

Channel 4

All footage on the show was filmed by the contestants themselves, as well as having some fixed cameras situated around the area. Filming began last year in March, with the first episode going out on July 18. However by the time August came around the series was abruptly cancelled – there were only four episodes! I guess something had to get dropped to make way for Gogglebox.

So why did they cancel the show? No one’s really sure, perhaps it’s because there was a lack of conflict and no one tried a hostile take over a-la Lord of The Flies. Maybe the show would’ve been successful if they cast the gang from Geordie Shore instead, imagine the drama!

A relative of one of the contestants did shed some light on the situation to the guys at ShortList saying:


Imagine coming back from that show after seven months away from your friends, family and technology, only to find out that show you’ve been working on has been cancelled a long time ago. You’d be FUMING!

Check out the trailer for Eden below.

I smell a  lawsuit coming Channel 4’s way.