Reese From Malcolm In The Middle Is Now A Successful Businessman


It turns out Reese from Malcolm in the Middle, real name Justin Berfield, is actually very far from the thick-yet-cunning bully who annoyed his family at every opportunity.

Now 31-years-old, yeah, that just made me feel ancient – Justin is actually an incredibly smart business tycoon who does plenty of philanthropy in his free time.

Berfield is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Produced which is the film and television development, packaging and production arm of Sir Richard Branson’s empire.

He even helped produce the over-the-top Virgin America flight safety video that plays before all flights, and posts numerous photos of his travels.

Doesn’t this just make you wish you could take more American-based internal flights?

Though he left his acting career behind, Berfield has been unleashing his creative side with plenty of producing.

His bio on the website reads:

As Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Virgin, Berfield oversees a full service development team responsible for the packaging and production of commercial quality film, television and digital short form content that is reflective of the Virgin brand.


Unlike Reese, Justin doesn’t need to trick girls into talking to him or giving him attention…

Justin Berfield/Facebook

Here’s him catching a big fish…

We’re really glad to see him with less hair gel too.

He is the boss of himself now – doesn’t quite have the same ring as the They Might Be Giants’ version.

It turns out life isn’t unfair after all.