Religious Group Slammed Lion King For ‘Inappropriate Sexual Content’

by : Hannah Smith on : 25 Sep 2021 16:12
Religious Group Slammed Lion King For 'Inappropriate Sexual Content'Buena Vista Pictures

It’s one of the most beloved children’s movies of all time, but did The Lion King have a secret dirty Easter Egg hidden somewhere in the film?

Apparently, the answer is yes. According to a new book, Disney was forced to hurriedly re-edit the movie following its release after a right-wing religious group drew attention to the scene in question.

The Lion King's secret message (Disney)Disney

Apparently, the night sky in one particular scene appeared to spell out the word ‘SEX’ in stars.

The mistake led to the American Life League (ALL) – an anti-abortion organisation – calling on Disney to apologise, and despite refuting the claims that they’d included an inappropriate message, the company removed the stars from subsequent DVD releases of the film.

Yet as James Proud explains in his new book Urban Legends, there was actually a simple explanation for the lettering. The stars were actually put there as easter eggs by the film’s special effects department, and were supposed to spell out ‘SFX’ (the abbreviation for special effects.) Unfortunately, and ironically for the SFX team, the meaning of the message ended up being far less clear than they’d intended.

Rafiki has also caused trouble for Disney (Disney)Disney

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to track down a version of the original, but some still images remain, and the story has become one of several tales passed down about the iconic history of Disney movies.

In another Lion King legend mentioned in the book, it’s said that the character of Rafiki caused more explicit trouble through the audiobook version of the film, which some parents claimed contained a clip of the baboon saying ‘squashed bananas up your a**.’

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