Rick Finally Reveals Answer To Long-Running ‘The Walking Dead’ Secret


WARNING: May contain spoilers!


The most recent episode of The Walking Dead has finally answered a long-running question…

It’s not often the show returns to old storylines, but after this week’s bumper 90-minute episode the writers seem to have felt obliged to drop a bombshell in the last ten minutes, reports Uproxx.

Referencing all the way back to an unanswered question from Season 2 that the majority of fans (let’s admit it) had probably forgotten about, it seems like Rick finally revealed who Judith’s actual father is.


Most people had probably assumed the baby was Shane’s – Lori took the pregnancy test just days after she was reunited with Rick – having spent months sleeping with his best bud.

Obvioulsly it wasn’t impossible that Judith was Rick’s baby, but the odds were seriously against it – and for once the comics didn’t hold the answer either.


But now Rick has sorted it for us. While chatting to Michonne about why he refuses to fight with Negan, Rick said:

I had a friend. I don’t talk about him. He was my partner. He got Carl and Lori to safety right after it all started.

His name was Shane. Him and Lori, they were together. They thought I was dead.

I know Judith isn’t mine. I know it. I love her, she’s my daughter. But she isn’t mine. I had to accept that. I did. So I could keep her alive.


Why the writers decided to address this point now is anyone’s guess. It does fit quite neatly into the narrative of why Rick doesn’t want to fight Negan – although you’d think the old ‘chop off your son’s arm or I’ll kill everyone’ would  be enough to put you off, at least for a bit.

It also suggests that he’s forgiven Shane and Lori for getting together – but to be fair it would be pretty tough to get on in their world if you dwell too much on the past.

Either way, nice bit of closure!