Ricky Gervais Makes Hilarious Drunken Speech At The BAFTAs

by : UNILAD on : 30 Oct 2016 11:05

Ricky is no stranger to causing a stirr at awards ceremonies.

His reputation for flooring celebrities at the Golden Globes is unparalleled, and he showed similar ‘contempt’ for the BAFTA award he won last night in LA.


This time it was a hybrid of apathetic drunken ramblings, tearing into his girlfriend, and his favourite hobby… celebrity bashing.


The Office star, who was definitely slurring those cutting words, caused a roar of laughter when he labelled his girlfriend as a freeloader who had done ‘fuck all’ to help him before leaving stage to ‘go and get drunk more’.

Can you get more apathetic than this…


Gervais said:

I’ve been to a lot of awards ceremonies here. Someone always gets up and says ‘I haven’t prepared a speech. I didn’t think I’d win’.

Well I knew I’d won and I didn’t prepare a speech. It shows you the contempt I have for this award and this town in general.

I’m joking of course. This is a great town. It’s all about celebrities, which are the best people in the world. The most important.

And BAFTA is the best award. So put them together, BAFTA and LA, the most important award ceremony in the world.

This particular award is the probably the greatest BAFTA award. So the best award in the history of the universe.


Normally people thank their partner for all their support, and for a second it sounded like he was about to praise his girlfriend of 30 years, Jane.


He said:

And my girlfriend of over 30 years Jane, although she has not really contributed to my career. This is all me. In fact thinking about it she has done f**k all.

She is around now of course because there is free champagne. She has really fallen on her feet. So i just wanted to mention her.


For the sake of the Americans who may have missed his irony, he confirmed ‘I am drunk. Thank you.’


He then ends by humbly requesting ‘another award next year’ and revealing ‘it was a free trip thanks to BAFTA and American Airlines you know it let’s be honest, shut up.’


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