Ricky Gervais Might Have Actually Been Holding Back At The Golden Globes

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

There has been much debate regarding Ricky Gervais’ latest Golden Globes antics, but he’s now suggested he may actually have censored his own routine.

The creator of The Office has been publicly defending himself on Twitter following the awards show one week ago, and he has some pretty good points for his critics to consider.

What has been made abundantly clear is that Gervais will not allow anyone, other than himself, to decide what is and isn’t fair game as material – and rightly so.

The 54-year-old still had another Caitlyn Jenner joke hidden up his sleeve…

And then he shared his thoughts on offensive jokes…

Well said Ricky, well said.

But the question remains, what the hell kind of jokes did he choose not to tell?!