Rocket And Groot TV Spinoff Is The Marvel Series We Need

Rocket and GrootMarvel Studios

Last night rumours began to swirl that Marvel are interested in developing a Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff featuring everyone’s favourite rabbit and tree, Rocket and Groot. 

The general rumblings are that the show (which we’re going to call The Rocket and Groot Power Hour) would launch on Disney+ along with other upcoming MCU television projects like the now confirmed Loki series.

According to the Hashtag ShowThe Rocket and Groot Power Hour was pitched by none other than Marvel Studio’s head-honcho Kevin Feige who believes the pair would be perfect for a television show.

It makes sense to us, after all, it’s clear from the other MCU rumours surrounding Disney+ that Marvel Studios wants to explore popular characters from their films who’ve not had their chance to shine on the silver screen.

And who better to represent the biggest idiots in the galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy than the incredibly popular Rocket and Groot, who despite being brilliant tend to be overshadowed by their moronic friends.

If you’ll forgive the indulgence I’d like to quote Groot’s famous monologue, about the unique nature of his and Rocket’s evergreen friendship and bond, as the talking tree has already put it into words far more eloquently than I ever could.

He said: 

I am Groot.

Truly touching.

sad baby groot marvelMarvel Studios

Anyway, the real reason that The Rocket and Groot Power Hour is so exciting, even when it’s just a rumour, is because it might hint at the direction that Marvel are planning on going after Untitled Avengers Film.

We already know from Captain Marvel and the upcoming Eternals movie that Marvel wants to explore the more cosmic side of their universe on the big screen.

A Rocket and Groot show would allow them to do that with the two titular characters serving as comforting guides to the weirder side of the wider Marvel galaxy.

If this theory holds water (and let’s be honest it probably won’t) it might allow Marvel to introduce characters like The Beyonder, Infinity and Eternity, or even Lady Death.

My fervent dream though is that, if the show does get made, it will introduce two of the biggest cosmic characters (one literally) from the comics into the MCU and rehabilitate them, Galactus the Devourer of Worlds and his herald the Silver Surfer.

Both these classic Marvel characters deserve better than that atrocious Fantastic Four sequel they appeared in in the early 2000s.

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. - Marvel Comics

I’ll say it now and I’ll say it proud Galactus NEEDS to be a 100-foot tall space bloke with a stupid purple helmet. Anything less than 100 per cent commitment to that design is a betrayal of the highest order, and an insult to Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s vision and legacy.

Do it you cowards. Anyway, rants aside, The Rocket and Groot Power Hour is just one of several rumoured MCU TV projects.

There’s also whispers of a Scarlet Witch show which might include Vision (we’d call that A Vision in Scarlet ) as well as a miniseries featuring Falcon and Bucky which we’re calling in the office Kevin Feige Makes Anthony Mackie And Sebastian Stan Fight Over Who Gets To Be Captain America, catchy right?

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