Ross Kemp Reveals Terror Of Two-Hour Kidnap Stand Off With Armed Gang


Eastenders hardman turned serious documentary presenter Ross Kemp has recounted a terrifying ordeal when he was held captive in Libya.

Whilst filming for his latest documentary, Kemp was left marooned inside a building in the desert city of Sabha while armed clan members guarded him.

He was filming in the city south of Tripoli as part of his new series of Extreme World looking into the country’s expansive smuggling and human trafficking network.

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Kemp said to the Mirror that it was the ‘best’ but ‘most dangerous’ filming he has ever done:

At one point we were asked to leave the south.

We had a number of people outside the building we were in with weapons. And the tribe that we were with had to defend us because this other clan wanted to take us.

There was a stand-off for about 12 hours. We nearly had to be lifted out.

Whilst filming, the daring presenter met migrants who were being illegally detained in camps by different militia.

He said:

In the camps people are getting three pieces of cheese a day, one piece of bread and half a litre of dirty water. They are dying.

We met a woman who had given birth three days before we arrived. Her baby had died six hours after she had gone into labour in the toilet. She was still bleeding and dying but no one was doing anything about it.

There are three governments out there who say they are in control. But no one is in control in the country. It is on the verge of becoming a non-state.

Kemp has been in a number of dangerous situations while filming for previous episodes of the show but he said ‘this was far more dangerous than being somewhere like Iraq. At least there, we were embedded with the Kurds.

We knew the barriers of where we were safe at any one time. But in Libya you are not safe at all’.

He reported that in Libya there are three guns to every person, which makes it even more scary than when he narrowly dodged bullets from an ISIS sniper in Syria.

The documentary, which is part of the sixth series of Ross Kemp: Extreme World, airs on Sky on February 21.