Ruth Langsford Apologises For Staring At Guest’s Chest On This Morning

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Mar 2018 14:17

Ruth Langsford has apologised for staring at a This Morning guest’s self-professed ‘saggy boobs’ during an interview about body confidence.


23-year-old Chidera Eggerue appeared on the daytime telly show to discuss her Saggy Boobs Matter campaign, inspired by her own personal issues with accepting the appearance of her breasts.

Award-winning Blogger Chidera had previously received nasty remarks about her boobs, with some people asking why her boobs are ‘saggy’ at such a young age.

She now wants other women to be proud of their bodies, whatever type of boobs they may have.

You can watch the body positive interview for yourself below:


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Chatting with Ruth and Eammon, Chidera discussed the pressure she has felt in the past due to her ‘saggy boobs,’ stating:

I would go to M&S and get my bra fitted, like you do, and I would get a bra in my size but when I tried it one, my boobs didn’t look like the woman on the packaging.

That was far too early in my life for me to start disliking myself.

She added:

It doesn’t matter your body shape or size, any woman can have saggy boobs.

Chidera, who now appears happy with her appearance, admitted to once wanting breast surgery due to her insecurities.

Sadly, it appears plenty of other women are similarly conscious about their chests. In a poll conducted by This Morning, it was found 66 per cent of female viewers would want breast surgery.

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58-year-old Ruth apologised to Chidera for staring at her boobs, which were visible in her cleavage baring top, and admitted she personally didn’t like using the word ‘saggy.’

Ruth said:

Talking about your physical appearance, because you have got a very low cut top on, it’s quite difficult to not look […] Are you kind of saying, ‘here are my breasts, they are saggy, they are not pert. This is just how they are.’

Chidera replied:

Absolutely, I’m reclaiming ownership of every single negative connotation attached to what it means to have ‘saggy boobs.’

I think the word ‘saggy’ is just an adjective and we are the ones to determine whether it is negative or positive.

Following the launch of her Saggy Boobs Matter campaign, Chidera has received a positive response from many women; particularly from breast feeding mothers and young teenagers who had previously been planning plastic surgery.

Chidera has also proved to be a hit among This Morning viewers, with many people taking to social media to praise the interesting discussion, as well as to compliment her beautiful afro hairstyle.

One viewer applauded:

I love you I have breastfed my youngest for 2 n half years now n he’s still going and my breasts have became saggy due to this and I have been so embarrassed of it but listening to you there I think will changed my attitude to it thank you so much

Another said:


What a lovely woman. Very inspiring to [sic]. Does let us know we should love our body’s [sic] however way it goes. Good on her I say.

Good on Chidera for loving her boobs the way they are. Hopefully plenty more women will be inspired by her attitude.

Julia Banim

Jules studied English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University before earning her masters in International Relations at Leiden University in The Netherlands (Hoi!). She then trained as a journalist through News Associates in Manchester. Jules has previously worked as a mental health blogger, copywriter and freelancer for various publications.

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