Ryan Gosling And Harrison Ford Lose It And Drink Whiskey In ‘Funniest Interview Ever’

This Morning/ITV

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling literally could not stop laughing during a recent This Morning interview.

Showbiz reporter Alison Hammond kicked things off to a humorously honest start, as she openly admitted she’d not seen the original Blade Runner, despite being there to interview the actors about their upcoming film Blade Runner 2049.

The pair appeared to be greatly amused by Alison’s candid interview style.

Alison deadpanned the introduction:

Bleak, dystopian, an absolute nightmare to be honest with you, and that’s just my interviewing technique.

Watch part of the hilariously informal interview below:

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Harrison joked ‘This is not the introduction we were promised! Bring me on with a little happier music!’

The trio were soon fighting to keep a straight face as they discussed the film, with anything and everything sending them into a fit of giggles.

As Alison starts the questions, Ryan starts drinking straight whiskey from an original Blade Runner whiskey glass as he drily remarks ‘I feel like this is where it’s headed’, sparking yet more helpless laughter from the others.

This Morning/ITV

Any hope of getting serious answers out of the actors rapidly evaporated faster than the whiskey.

Trying to put on a serious interviewer face, she asked:

Harrison, when you got that call to say ‘listen, we’re making another Blade Runner, and we want you to be in it’, what was your reaction?

With a completely serious face, Harrison responded:

So what?

At this point Alison takes a swig of whiskey too, cheers-ing Ryan as she jokes ‘I needed that’.

Lots of people loved seeing this different side to screen legend Harrison Ford, whose characteristically dry sense of humour isn’t always understood.

One viewer remarked: ‘Harrison Ford laughed? Wow, now there’s something!’

Another person noted: ‘Hilarious, I just think people don’t get #harrisonford he just has a really dry sense of humour he was fantastic on @TheGNShow’.

Viewers were quick to applaud Alison’s casual yet funny interview technique, which put the two A-Listers at ease.

One person tweeted: ‘Bet they haven’t laughed that much in an interview before’ while another commented, ‘she really makes celeb’s at ease, she’s great fun’.

Others loved the natural camaraderie between the trio, who, as one Twitter user noted, were acting like ‘3 mates on a night out’.

It really is impossible to watch this clip and not get the giggles yourself.

If only all celebrity interviews could be so fun and chilled out…