Ryan Gosling’s Sister Completely Stole The Show At The Oscars


At last night’s Oscars, Ryan Gosling had a lady at his side who was noticeably not his wife.

The woman was blonde, wore a sparkly dress and was spotted during Justin Timberlake’s opening number at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday in Hollywood. She was definitely not Eva Mendes.

So who was she?


She’s Gosling’s sister, Mandi, and she – and her ‘Golden Globes’, as the Internet is putting it – stole the show at the Oscars.

Other than the fact that she’s the 36-year-old’s older sister, Mandi is pretty Internet elusive. According to an Imdb profile, she was an associate producer on Dateline, although this could be a different Mandi Gosling entirely.

Whatever she does, the Internet definitely enjoyed her Oscars’ appearance:


This isn’t the only time Gosling has brought his sister to an awards show. Back in 2006, the actor brought Mandi to the Gotham Awards, and in 2008, she attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Nine years later they’re taking on the biggest red carpet yet.

And she was seated for perhaps one of the biggest Oscars embarrassments yet. Gosling’s movie La La Land was accidentally awarded for Best Picture when Warren Beatty read out the wrong film.

Moonlight was subsequently given the award as originally intended.