Ryan Reynolds And Chris Evans Agree To Make Dying Boy’s Final Wish Come True


Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans have shown a combined kindness brighter than any Hollywood lights after granting a dying boy his final wish.

It’s important to remember the handsome actors are real-life superheroes to many children and young people; who know them best as Deadpool and Captain America from The Avengers.

And it’s clear they take their positions as role models seriously, both inside and outside the Marvel universe. With great power, after all, comes great responsibility.

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People were deeply moved when Fox News journalist Shannon Bream took to Twitter to tell the story of a terminally ill boy who dreamed of meeting his heroes before he passed on.

In a final hour plea, Shannon tweeted the following heartbreaking message on behalf of the young boy, whose name is Emilio:

Need your help Twitterverse – trying to help a young boy who is dying. He probably has just days and all he want is a greeting from one of the Avengers.

If you have a celeb connection, please let me know. Otherwise, could you help out with a RT? Thank you in advance!

Little did Shannon know her call, which has been retweeted over 23,000 times, would be answered by not just one, but two heroes.

Within five hours of the powerful tweet, Captain America himself, ‘Chris’ to his pals, stepped up to save the day, simply replying:

Happy to! DM me,

Deadpool/Ryan also gave the following humble response:

I’m more of a “Reserve Avenger”. But happy to help. DM me.

Shannon was delighted by the spot on response, tweeting once more in appreciation:

Thank you, EVERYONE! Major progress has been made because of you. A special assist coming in from @jaketapper

I guess Twitter can be full of love when someone really needs it.

Fans of both Chris and Ryan came forward to express their admiration. After all, it’s always cheering when movie stars truly are as valiant as their onscreen personas.

One appreciative fan tweeted to Chris:

You are example of everything good and beautiful about humanity .. thank you Cap !!

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Another said:

Excuse me as I go cry… @ChrisEvans you are always a gentleman and a good soul. Your momma raised you right

thank you for being you

Ryan too was quite rightly showered with praise, with Twitter positively brimming with love and good vibes.

One patriotic Canadian tweeted:

Every god damn time I see Ryan being an amazing person it makes me proud to be Canadian. “Reserve” or not, you’re a friggin hero

Another said:

You’re an amazing man wth a gigantic heart! You’re an inspiration to us all. Thanks for being you!

Of course the true hero at the heart of this story is Emilio, who is facing what no young person should ever even have to think about.

Hopefully knowing how much those who have never met him cared about making his dreams come true will bring some comfort in the days to come.

Our thoughts are with Emilio and his family at this difficult time.

Deadpool 2 officially hits UK cinemas May 16, 2018, while Avengers: Infinity War is set for release April 26.