Ryan Reynolds Responds To Rumours He’s In Zack Snyder Cut As Green Lantern

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Ryan Reynolds Responds To Rumours He's In Zack Snyder Cut As Green Lanternvancityreynolds/Instagram/Warner Bros

Ryan Reynolds has addressed rumours that he will return as Green Lantern for a short cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is set to air on HBO Max on March 18 as a four-part miniseries.


Yesterday, February 22, rumours swirled that Reynold’s could be reprising his old role after Vanity Fair revealed that the ending of the series will feature a ‘hero cameo that will blow hard-core fans’ minds’.

Reynolds quickly put any speculation to bed last night after voice actor Jon Bailey shared a GIF suggesting that the hero could be Green Lantern.

‘It’s not me. But what a cool pirate flag to cameo as Hal. Maybe it’s another GL? But for me, the suit stays in the closet. I mean, computer,’ Reynolds tweeted.


He first took up the role as the star of Warner Bros.’ 2011 Green Lantern film, however the project performed poorly at the box office and was deemed a failure by critics.

In the years since, Reynolds has regularly joked about the film and poked fun at the green suit. He told Comic Book that he doesn’t want to look back at his career and be too caught up with projects that didn’t pan out as he thought.

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‘I wrote it into the Deadpool script, I think where my character says something like, ‘Please don’t make this suit green or animated,’ when he’s being shoved into the superhero factory or whatever. And I noticed that it felt good to shine a light on that for a second,’ he said.


‘So I don’t know, it’s just something I’ve always done, but the most significant thing that’s ever happened in my career is laughing at myself always,’ he explained.

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