Ryan Reynolds Trolls Everyone With Full Detective Pikachu Leak


Let’s face it, aside from Blake Lively’s recent pregnancy announcement, our page has been relatively lacking in Ryan Reynolds content recently.

Trust me, it isn’t through lack of trying. As the resident Ryan Reynolds expert here in the office, I’ve been trawling through his social media accounts religiously every day so that I can bless your timelines with his witty ways.

Luckily for me (and for you lucky lot), today it paid off as I noticed the Canadian actor last night (May 7) trolled everyone with a full Detective Pikachu ‘leak’. 10/10 for effort.

If you’re looking forward to watching Detective Pikachu when it’s released, don’t worry: Reynolds didn’t actually leak it. With the film hitting cinemas in just two days (on May 10), that would be career suicide.

What he did do was share a tweet from a mysterious account which claimed to contain the entire movie, drawing it to the attention of Warner Bros. and the makers of the film (as well as his 13.6 million followers).

Upon clicking on the link, fans were delighted to find something even better than a leak – Pikachu dancing on a loop for more than an hour and a half. Iconic.

Obviously, both the original tweet and Reynolds’ retweet have since gone viral, accumulating more than 47K likes with the video of the ‘movie’ being viewed more than three million times.

Although it’s not known whether the initial tweet from the ‘Inspector Pikachu’ account was planned by Warner Bros. as a clever marketing tactic, or whether Reynolds came up with the idea himself, fans are adamant this whole ploy reeks of the actor.

I mean, come on, when has Reynolds ever passed up on an opportunity to troll his fans? Never, and the fact that this has stirred up even more excitement for his upcoming film is surely only an added bonus.

The voice of the titular Pikachu detective, Reynolds is expected to be his usual witty, hilarious, and self-deprecating self in the upcoming film.

Although Detective Pikachu is a family friendly film, the Canadian actor has admitted that an R-rated edit of the movie would be possible because there are enough risky outtakes from filming that a fan could probably put together their own adult-themed version of the film.

Which, let’s face it, isn’t surprising in the slightest. I wouldn’t expect any less from our F-bomb dropping, Deadpool loving detective. It’s just a shame none of that will be in the actual film.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is coming to UK cinemas as of May 10.

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