Samwell Tarly’s Story Is Remarkably Similar To Another Popular Game Of Thrones Character


Warning: Spoilers Approaching Like White Walkers At The Wall


As Westeros thunders towards this season’s final episodes, one fan theorist has spotted some remarkable similarities between Samwell Tarly’s path and another key character.

This latest suggestion of possible endings has us raising our eyebrows like we’re Cersei Lannister.

One three sharp-eyed Redditor has posted a theory on the similar paths walked by our favourite Night’s Watch-cum-Maester (now that’s a line to put on your business card), Samwell Tarly. And forgive our George R. R. Martin inspired red herring, it’s not Cersei Lannister.

Lucky129‘ posted on Reddit:

A quiet son, overlooked by his father in place of his bigger, stronger brother. He is sent to a high, cold fortress where he meets a friend of great fighting prowess and a claim (rightful in the case of Jon) to the throne. In a quest that takes him south , he learns bravery and practical knowledge, and after the burning alive of his father and brother, inherits a castle, wardenship (assuming the Tarlys are made wardens of the south), and an ancestral Valyrian steel greatsword. He also claims a son that is not his own and cares for it as if it was.

Winter has arrived in Westeros, and HBO have released a preview of the next Game of Thrones episode, so you might want to look away now if you haven’t quite caught up…

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Still stroking your beard? It’s Eddard Stark. We wanted to build up the suspense like they do in the show.


Does this mean Samwell will become a king in his own right or face a similar fate to the beheaded Ned Stark?

Lucky129 clarified, after coming home from work to find 400+ responses to his post:

I was just observing that Sam experienced/is experiencing similar events to what Eddard did. If I had to take anything from my own musing, it would be that if the conditions are right, Sam may make a fair and gracious lord one day. 


Dumping the Night’s Watch to head down to Old Town to become a Maester with a secret girlfriend is perfect grounds for greater things.

Look at how far Jon Snow has come since dumping the Night’s Watch to join the Wildlings and getting a secret girlfriend. Although he did rejoin his brothers only to be stabbed through the heart for his torubles, so swings and roundabouts.