Sansa Stark Is P*ssed Off At How You Pronounce Her Name


Sansa Stark has got a bone to pick with you.

Well not quite Sansa herself, but Sophie Turner, the actor who plays the eldest Stark girl in the show.

It’s something that’s been driving her crazy since the show started, apparently. And now she’s taken to Twitter to set the record straight.

Apparently everyone’s been saying her character’s name wrong this whole time and she has finally cracked, letting everyone know they need to get her fucking name right.

And Twitter obviously seized this opportunity and trolled Sophie for her outburst. Hard.

Is it an April Fools’ joke? We have no idea – but she did post the tweet after 12pm which would break the first rule of April Fools’ Day.

Either way, you would think we would all know how to pronounce the name, given that it’s said all the time in a major TV show. But in the show some of the characters actually pronounce it differently.

In this clip, Roose Bolton’s pronunciation is definitely closer to ‘Sanza’ than ‘Sarnsa’ (0:04):

Which begs the question, does Sansa even know how to pronounce her own name?

Well, take a look at this interview with George R. R. Martin (1:14):

Martin definitely draws out the ‘R’ in Sansa, making it sound more like the ‘Sarnsa’ that Turner was talking about in her Tweet.

So surely, the author of the series knows how to pronounce his character’s name, right? Sarnsa it is then…