Saw Twitter Account ‘Hacked’ To Show Totally Shredded Jigsaw On A Tricycle

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Saw's Official Twitter Account 'Hacked' To Show Totally Shredded Jigsaw On A Tricyclesaw/Twitter/Lionsgate Films

Considering he’s known for murdering people through horrific games, it would be hard to imagine the Jigsaw killer could come across as any more creepy. That is, until you see the ripped version.

The gym-loving version of Jigsaw made his debut on the official Spiral Twitter account this week, ahead of the release of the Spiral: From the Book of Saw later this month.


While many movie studios rely on trailers and interviews to help promote upcoming films, Lionsgate Pictures decided to drum up attention with an exchange between the official Spiral Twitter account and an account named ‘saw quotes’.

The Twitter tirade saw the latter threaten to embarrass the official account unless it coughed up cheques for promotional work and marketing, but when Spiral didn’t respond in time ‘saw quotes’ hacked the account and posted the chilling image of ripped Jigsaw.

In an unsuccessful effort to stop the threats coming to fruition, the official Spiral account tried both bargaining and threatening the ‘hacker’ behind the saw quotes account, with one tweet reading, ‘Please cease and desist immediately. If you do not we will be forced to take legal action.’


Much like the killer in the films, however, saw quotes wasn’t messing around as it responded, ‘I would be careful @Saw. I have access to more than just your precious Twitter account. If you do not cooperate… things may spiral even further out of your control.’

Evidently the official account didn’t want things to escalate further, considering the lengths saw quotes had already gone to.

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With his tell-tale blood-red eyes, pale face and spiral-covered cheeks, the image the hacker had shared definitely showed Jigsaw, only this time he ditched the black suit in favour of a pair of black underwear. Posing on a tricycle, the killer showed off huge muscles and spirals on his pecs to match those on his cheeks.

The official Spiral Twitter account issued an apology for the ‘hack’, explaining the account had been ‘compromised’ and that it was working on a solution, in turn paving the way for some fan interaction as it asked for help answering questions set out by the hacker.


While everyone should be wary of getting involved with a game led by Jigsaw, it’s probably worth it if it means we can avoid any more images of the muscley killer.

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Spiral: Saw/Twitter
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