‘Scariest Film Of The Decade’ The Witch Is Now Streaming On Netflix US

by : Emily Brown on : 20 Dec 2019 12:00
'Scariest Film Of The Decade' The Witch Is Now Streaming On Netflix US'Scariest Film Of The Decade' The Witch Is Now Streaming On Netflix USA24

If you’re looking to finish your year with nightmares then you’re in luck because the ‘scariest film of the decade’ is now available to stream on Netflix. 


As we near the end of the 2010s, many people have been looking back on everything the last 10 years has had to offer. There’s been some great personal glow-ups, incredible scientific discoveries and amazing, progressive law changes.

There’s also been a wealth of disastrous political choices and horrifying realisations about the state of our planet, but we won’t get into that now.

The Witch now streaming on NetflixThe Witch now streaming on NetflixA24

Among the events of the last decade is the release of The Witch, which first came on to the scene in 2015 when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.


It was released more widely in 2016 and UNILAD described the movie as ‘a horrifying, gut wrenching experience’ that you shouldn’t go through alone. That review might be enough to put many people off, but if you’re the type of person who gets your kicks from being scared sh*tless then it will probably just make you more intrigued.

Luckily for the horror film fans out there, The Witch is now available to stream at your pleasure on Netflix in the US – meaning you can always watch it in instalments if it proves too horrific to watch in one go.

The Witch scariest film of the decadeThe Witch scariest film of the decadeA24

The film tells the story of a Puritan family who are forced from their home as a result of the father’s religious zealotry and go on to encounter a sinister and malevolent evil in the woods behind their New England farm.

The Netflix description reads:

Believing that a witch has cursed their family, pilgrims homesteading on the edge of a primeval New England forest become increasingly paranoid.

The Witch scariest film of the decadeThe Witch scariest film of the decadeA24

While many horrors get off to a slow start, The Witch turns terrifying within minutes and only gets worse from there. The movie was Robert Eggers’ directorial debut and his disturbing creation left viewers horrified.


One film fan said the movie was ‘wackest sh*t ive [sic] seen in a while’, while another described it as ‘one of the best horror movies in years’.

The viewer continued:

If you’re looking for something that’s… legitimately scary and legitimately great, check it out.

Check out some reactions below:

The film is likely to leave you hiding behind a cushion but there’s nothing like a good horror to get the blood pumping during these cold nights. However, it might be a good idea to line up a Christmas film afterwards to get you feeling merry again!

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