Scarlett Moffatt Comes Clean About ‘The Lie’ That Helped Her Win I’m A Celeb


Jungle Queen Scarlett Moffatt has finally admitted the truth behind the ‘fear of lifts’ lie that she told to help her gain victory in the camp. 

The Gogglebox star was slated, after she said she was scared of being in lifts and had a phobia of ‘small spaces,’ the Mirror reports.

The popular TV personality revealed to Ant and Dec that she was ‘upset,’ about being ‘sealed’ into a tiny space and had hopes that the Bushtucker trial would help cure her of her fear.

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She went as far to explain that even before she entered the jungle, she had to take 34-flights of stairs rather than the lift.

However, this is where she fell down as watchers quickly picked up on the fact that she’d taken a selfie in a lift whilst on holiday with her boyfriend. Cue major awkwardness.

Quick to react viewers took to twitter to point out where the jungle winner had gone wrong.

Provoking mass outrage with this revelation, the star was forced to explain her phobia further.

She said:

I haven’t got a fear of lifts, I’ve got a fear of not being able to see an escape. It’s not just lifts, it’s the same if there’s too many bubbles in the bath.

I can’t put my head under the water as if I opened my eyes I couldn’t see a way out. Or I can’t go in a small room without a window, or even a big one.

It’s more I like to be able to see how I can escape. I don’t know why my brain works like that.

Well at least that’s cleared it up then.