Scarlett Moffatt Comes Face-To-Face With Bully And Gets Her Own Back

by : Tom Percival on : 12 Feb 2017 15:17

Queen of the jungle Scarlett Moffatt has revealed how she bravely confronted a cruel former bully while shopping in Asda.


In an interview with  You magazine Scarlett revealed that despite becoming a household name and professional TV watcher she was relentlessly bullied at school, The Mirror reports.

Scarlett’s previously spoken out about the suffering she endured from cruel bullies while she was at school even admitting that she was allowed to leave school ten minutes early so she didn’t get beaten up.

However Scarlett’s now admitted that she’s since come face-to-face with one of her former tormentors while shopping in Asda.


Scarlett explained:

She [The bully] came up to me all smiling and friendly and told me her two little girls thought she was the coolest mum because we’d been friends at school.

As the bully spoke to her, Scarlett remembered all the times that she’d been teased, including a time she’d worn fake teeth and done a cruel impression after Scarlett was injured in a bike accident.


Thinking that she couldn’t just smile and walk away she decided that she had to confront the woman on her previous behaviour.

She revealed:

So when she used the F-word – the ‘friend’ word – I shook. I told her that we’d never been friends and that she’d been a bully who had destroyed my confidence and ruined my time at school.

I told her I hoped her two daughters would never go through what I’d gone through or have to deal with anyone like her. I put down my basket, walked out of there and felt like cheering.


She finished by saying that she let all of the bullying go because after years of saying nothing she’d finally spoke out.


You go Scarlett!

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