Scarlett Moffatt’s Parents Reveal Hilarious Reason They Want Her To Stay In The Jungle

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Scarlett Moffatt’s parents have pleaded with fans to keep her in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, and their reason is hilarious.

You might think her family in County Durham would be gunning for a reunion after a fortnight of separation from their eldest daughter, Scarlett Moffatt.

Actually, Betty and Mark Moffatt are enjoying peace, quiet and the luxury of a five star hotel in Australia while Scarlett remains trapped in the jungle.

On Good Morning Britain, the Moffatt parents pleaded with fans to vote to keep Scarlett on the ITV gameshow so they can continue to enjoy the luxurious Palazzo Versace hotel.

They’ve been put up at the glamorous hotel located in Southport Broadwater, Australia – close to the jungle camp – by ITV, along with the other contestants’ families.

Betty Moffatt told the presenter, Ben Shepherd:

We’ve been having a whale of a time and we’ve been making some amazing new friends.

We have never stayed in a hotel like this before and I don’t think we ever will again. So I think we need to make the most of it. Let’s keep Scarlett in the jungle. Please vote and keep her in there!

I can’t explain how proud we are of her.

Sending a message to Scarlett, she added, ‘Just keep doing what you are doing. You’re amazing and no matter where you come, you are our queen.’

This is exactly the kind of positively-spun logic we’ve come to expect from the Gogglebox family, famed for their quick quips and home truths.

Scarlett for Queen!