School Issues Warning For Squid Game After Students Re-Enact Show On The Playground

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 11 Oct 2021 18:06
School Issues Warning For Squid Game After Students Re-Enact Show On The PlaygroundNetflix

After seeing children trying to re-enact the show’s games in the playground, another school has issued a warning over the new hit Netflix series Squid Game

The South Korean survival series, comprising of nine episodes, has set alarm bells ringing; not only for causing such a surge in traffic that a broadband provider is suing Netflix, but also due to its graphic and hard-hitting content.


Other schools have previously warned against children viewing Squid Game, and now John Bramston Primary School in Ilford has also joined the discussion, urging parents to be cautious after apparently seeing students having copying games from the show while on school grounds.

Squid Game. (Netflix)Netflix

While, thankfully, the games the primary school kids are playing aren’t as violent as those in the show, they have been mimicking the action of disqualified players being shot.

Parents of pupils of John Bramston Primary School were sent a letter regarding the school’s concern around children’s re-enactment of scenes from Squid Game and the subsequent implication that children may have watched the programme, despite it being having an age rating of 15.


The letter stated, per The Independent:

Dear Parents/Carers, It has come to our attention that a number of our children are watching Squid Game on Netflix.

We have noticed an increased number of children starting to play their own versions of this game in the playground – which in turn is causing conflict within friendship groups.

Children who are watching this are being exposed to graphic realistic scenes of violence and sadly children are acting out this behaviours in the playground which will not be TOLERATED.

Squid game (Netflix)Netflix

The letter reminded parents of the rating of the show, and that it was ‘NOT APPROPRIATE FOR PRIMARY SCHOOLAGED CHILDREN’. It warned that sanctions would be applied and parents called upon if their child was seen to ‘mimic or demonstrate’ such behaviour.


The school asked parents to be ‘aware of the dangers’ such a programme can have on children and to ‘reinforce positive behaviours’ instead. ‘Also please explicitly share that pretending to shoot one another is not appropriate – nor acceptable. Please support us in keeping your children safe,’ the school added.

So far, schools in Kent, Ilford, and even Belgium have spoken out about the implications of the violent show on children and warned parents against their children being allowed to view such a series.

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