Scottish Euromillions Winner Offering A Huge Amount Of Cash For Someone To Date Her

by : Tom Percival on : 11 Nov 2018 11:08
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Britain’s youngest ever EuroMillions Lottery winner is offering an eye-watering amount of money a year to one lucky man. The catch? He has to date her. 


23-year-old Jane Park, who won £1million with her first ever ticket when she was 17, is willing to pay £60,000 to her boyfriend as an ‘allowance’ so he can properly wine and dine her.

Jane’s not going to accept any old Tom, Dick or Harry though, she wants only the best and to that end is launching a website where potential suitors can apply to be her boyfriend.

Still a better love story than most Tinder hookups, I guess.


The Mirror reports that Jane’s search for love is going to be filmed for a new documentary, which will air next year, and will explore how difficult it is for someone in Jane’s position to know whether a partner loves her or her money.

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A source close to Jane told The Mirror

Jane is amazing and has so much to give but she has found herself alone again as since she won, she’s had terrible luck.

She’s never sure whether she is being loved for herself or for her bank balance. So she would rather have the arrangement out in the open.

Jane has a tendency to be insecure sometimes and worries about people’s motives. She is willing to pay the right price for someone loyal.

Jane Park/Facebook

Jane’s had a number of highly publicized relationships which have all ended in heartbreak for the young woman.

She was linked with X Factor hopeful and musician Sam Callahan, but that ended when he kissed someone else in front of Jane at a party.

Other lovers have included the reality star Brian Matthews, and England footballer Jordan Piggott, but these relationships also came to nothing.

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Since winning the lottery Jane has been very open about the negative impact that winning such a large amount of money, at such a young age, has had on her.

In an interview with the Sunday People (and reported by The Mirror) she said:

I have material things but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life? I thought it would make [my life] ten times better but it’s made it ten times worse.

I wish I had no money most days. I say to myself, ‘My life would be so much easier if I hadn’t won.’

Jane’s even said she’s considered suing Lotto for ruining her life and said she believes that Camelot, the company behind the lottery, should not allow young people to win such vast sums of money.

Camelot meanwhile has said they’ve offered Jane ‘ongoing support’ since she won. A spokesperson explained that it is up to winners as to whether they want to take that support.

They continued by saying that Camelot appointed an independent financial and legal panel to help Jane manage her winnings, and put her in touch with another winner who won a similar jackpot at the same age.

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