Scotty T Claims He Got Kicked Off Dragon’s Den For This Questionable Idea

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A drive-thru pub has lawsuit written on every fucking inch of it, and that’s exactly what the dragons thought when Scotty T applied for the show. 

It’s not confirmed whether it’s true or not, but apparently the Geordie Shore man and professional nobody genuinely applied to be on the show thinking that a drive-thru pub was a great idea, reports the Daily Star.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, on Dragons’ Den, which has been on our screens since 2005, you propose a business idea to five wealthy and potential investors, who then decide if they’re going to invest for a percentage of the business.

However, before you get through to that stage, you have to send an application to the show letting them know about your ideas.

Turns out, they weren’t too keen on the definitely, definitely dodgy as fuck drive-thru pub. I wonder why…


Personally, I was left merely bursting with questions.

Is Scotty advocating drink driving? By definition a pub is somewhere which sells alcohol to be drank on the premises, so essentially he is. Or does he mean he wants to set up a drive-thru liquor store. I don’t know… So many questions.

Essentially, Scotty T left me so remarkably puzzled that he’s pretty much a philosopher. I don’t remember the last time I was this mind-boggled.

So yeah, drive-thru pubs everybody.