Mystery Of ‘Ghost Girl’ Caught On Remote Forrest Camera Finally Solved


Unbelievably weird footage of a ‘ghost girl’ looming out of the woods in America was doing the rounds, but now the case is finally solved.  

There are plenty of dubious ‘ghost’ pics on the internet and most of them are fake, but this image of a pale girl playing in a remote forest in Cambridge, New York is 100 per cent real.

The spooky snap had been frightening the locals as it was shown on WTEN news, after being picked up by a trail camera, scouting the area for hunting potential.

Here’s the news footage:

But instead of picking up potential prey for would-be hunters, the landowners got the shock of their loves when they captured a chilling picture of a young girl playing by herself in the desolate surroundings.

According to local legend, a girl – around the same age as the ‘ghost’ one captured – had been killed playing on train tracks that used to run through this part of the woods.

The myths are so prevalent, the Greenwich Paranormal Research Team have even investigated the area and admitted they’ve experienced a lot of paranormal activity there.


However, it seems many of the locals are quite sceptical when it comes to the supernatural and ghostly goings on.

Chief George Bell said:

I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve never heard of a ghost running around the woods. The idea originally was just to identify who the child was.


And that’s exactly what happened… It turns out the scary snap was actually a Greenwich based ski-resort owner’s granddaughter and there was nothing more to it…

Chic Wilson, told CNN:

It would be wonderful to have proof of life after death, but unfortunately we’re not going to get any particular proof from this photograph.

So the whole thing was a total load of bollocks, just as was probably predicted… Still a pretty chilling pic nonetheless though…