Seth Rogen Defends Sha’Carri Richardson After Marijuana Suspension Controversy

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 02 Jul 2021 17:17
Seth Rogen Defends Sha’Carri Richardson After Marijuana Suspension ControversyPA

Actor Seth Rogen has come to Sha’Carri Richardson’s defence after the sprinter failed a drugs test.

Richardson, who was America’s fastest woman at one point, has been suspended as a result of her positive drugs test which found marijuana in her system. She can now no longer compete in this year’s Olympics.


She’s since apologised for her actions and told her fans that she had failed them.

Sha'Carri Richardson (PA Images)PA Images

In the wake of her suspension, Seth Rogen, a well-known marijuana user himself, has taken to social media to defend the 21-year-old.

He wrote:


The notion that weed is a problematic “drug” is rooted in racism. It’s insane that Team USA would disqualify one of this country’s most talented athletes over thinking that’s rooted in hatred. It’s something they should be ashamed of. Also if weed made you fast, I’d be FloJo.

Rogen’s comments come after the World Anti-Doping Association classified marijuana as a ‘performance-enhancing stimulant.’

The Bad Neighbours actor’s tweet has since generated thousands of likes, proving that many people agree with his comments. One person said, ‘I’m p*ssed about this too. Not only that, it’s legalized in many states and on the verge to be legal in even more. It’s not freaking steroids!!!’


Someone else wrote, ‘All of this! If she can smoke weed and perform as a top level athlete, then more power to her. So when the Olympians are getting absolutely hammered at the Olympic village parties, are any of their careers going to be sidelined.’

During an interview with TODAY, Richardson said part of the reason she used the drug was a result of her mother recently passing away which caused her to go into a ‘state of emotional panic.’


She said, ‘People don’t understand what it’s like to have to … go in front of the world and put on a face and hide my pain. Who am I to tell you how to cope when you’re dealing with the pain or you’re dealing with a struggle that you haven’t experienced before or that you thought you never would have to deal with?’

Richardson has been suspended for a total of 30 days.

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