Seth Rogen Gets Conan O’Brien To Smoke Weed On TV Before Show Taken Off-Air

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Jun 2021 09:54
Seth Rogen Gets Conan O'Brien To Smoke Weed On TV Before Show Taken Off-AirTeam Coco/YouTube

Conan O’Brien’s talk show tenure is coming to end. To mark the occasion, he smoked weed with Seth Rogen on-air.

Conan, TBS’s late night programme from the long-time host and comedian, will be taken off the air in June after 10 years. As part of a series of broadcasts celebrating the show, Rogen joined O’Brien to discuss working together, what to do in his spare time and, eventually, smoking weed.


O’Brien, who’s moving to an untitled variety show on HBO Max, spoke about not knowing what to do with down time, as he’s always kept busy. Rogen recommended he should smoke ‘a lot of weed,’ something he’d never done – until a few minutes later.

The big illusion of talk show ‘surprises’ is the surprise itself, and while this may seem like a pre-arranged bit on paper, it never really seems that way during the clip. When O’Brien asks what sort of weed he should be smoking, at which point Rogen pulls out a blunt and hands it over.

Obviously, the crowd laps it up. Amid the laughter, O’Brien then takes the blunt and people start chanting his name. ‘Don’t smoke that now! Or do, this will be a great, weird show for all of us,’ Rogen says, then advising he takes ‘one hit’ before handing him a lighter. ‘This is the kind of thing you do when you know it’s over for you,’ O’Brien says.


Hilariously, he’s holding it the wrong way at first, with Rogen saying it was making him nervous. ‘I really don’t know what the f*ck I’m doing,’ the host says.

Conan O'Brien smoked weed with Seth Rogen. (TBS)TBS

Eventually, he takes a fairly sizeable hit as Rogen laughs and the audience cheers. Soon after, Rogen and Andy Richter get involved, and wait to see O’Brien’s reaction to weed. He even asks: ‘Is it supposed to burn?’ Richter replies: ‘It’s smoke inside your body.’

People online have compared it to other instances of celebrities smoking weed on-air. ‘Broke: Elon Musk smoking dirt weed with Joe Rogan. Woke: Conan O’Brien & Andy Richter smoking nuclear grade weed with Seth Rogen,’ one user wrote.


‘I’ve never felt more represented on TV than watching Conan awkwardly trying to smoke weed and not knowing which end of the joint to light and then becoming hyper self-aware about whether it’s having any effect,’ another wrote.

‘This is one of the best and funniest moments in TV history. Genuinely love Seth Rogen and his advocacy for weed and for Conan being an absolute legend,’ a third commented.

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