Seth Rogen Says Kanye West Once Rapped His Entire Album To Him In Back Of Limo

by : Cameron Frew on : 04 Mar 2021 15:38
Seth Rogen Says Kanye West Once Rapped His Entire Album To Him In Back Of LimoPA Images

Kanye West once rapped his entire album to Seth Rogen in the back of a limousine.

Back in 2013, Rogen and his Pineapple Express co-star James Franco parodied West’s Bound 2 video while working on The Interview.


It’s still absolutely hilarious, and while some artists may feel a little miffed at their work clearly being mocked, the Stronger rapper knew how to take a joke – so much so, he gave Rogen a limo ride he’d never forget.

An old anecdote between the pair resurfaced on Twitter, with the WTF Facts Twitter account tweeting, ‘Kanye West once spontaneously rapped his entire album to Seth Rogen in the back of a limousine while he sat in disbelief. It took him two hours.’

While sounding like one of those celebrity myths people like to spread, Rogen himself responded to the tweet, writing, ‘This is true.’


It turns out Rogen has actually spoken about the strange experience before, calling it one of the most surreal nights of his entire life during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

Rogen and his wife Lauren had been at the Mercer Hotel in New York, around two months after the Bound 3 video was released. ‘I heard someone behind me go… yo, and I turn around and it was Kanye West, and he was the only guy in the lobby, just standing there,’ he said.


Rogen spoke about being quite fond of West, saying how the artist is a big comedy fan and he’d always been ‘cool’ to him. ‘The truth is I’m a giant fan of his, so I told him,’ he said.

After telling West about wanting to hear his new music after the rapper cancelled multiple shows Rogen had tickets to, he told the actor, ‘Wanna hear some of my new sh*t right now?’

Incredibly, they all then moved to West’s limo, where he plugged in his laptop and explained how he had some tracks which weren’t going to come up for a while. ‘There’s no lyrics, just the beat and the hook, and he just starts standing up and rapping and jumping around… and me and my wife were just sitting there like, what the f*ck is happening right now?’


Rogen and his wife were in the limo for around two hours. A Twitter user asked if he was high at the time, to which he replied, ‘I was high as f*ck and so was my wife Lauren.’

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