Sherlock Fans Spot Embarrassing Blooper In New Year Episode

by : Tom Percival on : 02 Jan 2016 19:55

The wonderful Sherlock made its glorious return to our screens last night but eagle-eyed fans have managed to detect an embarrassing blooper in the series four premiere. 


Fans, who’ve clearly had their detective skills honed to a fine point while watching the show, couldn’t help but notice a pretty major slip up when John Watson (Martin Freeman) fired up his blog to document the adventures of best pal Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch).

You see, rather than log on to the web to open his blog John instead opened a super obvious photo file, meaning that Sherlock’s plucky assistant was trying to type on something called ‘JOHN BLOG PAGE.jpg’.

It’s an embarrassing gaffe for any telly programme in the age of the internet and live pausing but doing it in a show that’s known for it’s little details and rabid fan base is just a poor effort.


Here’s a few of the reactions to the jpeg…

Other than that though I think we can all agree that Mr Holmes’ return to the small screen was a triumph, managing to feel more Bond-esque than some James Bond films.

Fans also managed to spot Toby Jones, the new series villain Culverton Smith, making a quick cameo in the episode on a bus stop advert.

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Culverton Smith originally appeared in the novella story ‘The Dying Detective‘ as an evil doctor who supposedly infected Holmes with an incurable disease after the consulting detective rumbled him for poisoning his nephew.

Of course Sherlock has not been afraid of departing pretty wildly from the source material so who knows how evil Jones’ villain will be.

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