Shia LaBeouf Gets Huge Chest Tattoo To Get Into Character For New Role In The Tax Collector

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 06 Jul 2020 11:07
Shia LaBeouf Gets Huge Chest Tattoo To Get Into Character For New RolePA/RLJE Films

Every actor has their own way of preparing for a role, but there’s very few who can say they’ve taken it as far as Shia LeBeouf.

The 34-year-old went to the lengths of getting his ‘whole chest tattooed’ in order to portray a Cholo gangster more authentically in his forthcoming movie The Tax Collector.


If you look closely at recent pictures of the star, you can see his character’s name emblazoned over two Mickey Mouse gloves, which are believed to be a subtle nod towards his Disney past.

Check out the trailer here:


You can even spot an inked depiction of Shia’s mother Shayna Saide cradling a clown, which is thought to represent his relationship with his estranged father, who worked as a rodeo clown.


There’s no getting away from the fact it is a real look, but this isn’t the first time the actor has inked up as part of a character, after he previously got 12 small inks in preparation of his portrayal of magazine-selling hustler Jake in 2015’s American Honey.

Unsurprisingly, LeBeouf’s commitment to the role has found him heaped in praise from director David Ayer, who earlier this year told Slash Film he’s ‘one of the best actors [he’s] worked with’.

shia lebeoufRLJE Films

‘He’s committed to body and soul,’ Ayer told the publication in January. ‘On Tax Collector, he got his whole chest tattooed. So, he kind of goes all in, and I’ve never known anyone that committed.’


However, Ayer has recently been forced to defend LeBeouf’s character in the forthcoming film as he plays a ‘terrorising devil’ who collects ‘taxes’ for a crime lord.

The film has been accused of ‘brownface’ by casting Shia, however Ayer has clearly explained the actor is a white man playing a white character.

‘Shia is playing a white boy who grew up in the hood,’ he told his followers.


‘This is a Jewish dude playing a white character. Also the only white dude in the movie…[Creeper] grew up in the hood. He’s a gangster. He’s a Cholo. He’s a Southsider. Shia studied a real homie like that to get it correct.’

Chelsea Rendon, who stars alongside LeBeouf playing Lupe, also jumped in to set rumours straight about the character portrayal.

‘Y’all. Shia is NOT playing a Latinx character. So chill. That is all,’ she tweeted.


‘You don’t act/dress the same as who you grew up with? In the same neighbourhood? I’m not saying some Malibu’s most wanted sh*t but the real sh*t.

‘I got friends that aren’t Latinx I grew up with who speak Spanish or have the same accent as mine and sh*t is that not okay?’

The Tax Collector follows ‘ two enforcers for a crime lord’ who ‘face an uncertain future when an old rival reappears’.

The movie is currently set for release in the US on August 7, 2020.

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