Simon Cowell Apologises For Making Gay Joke On Live TV


Simon Cowell was met with a mixture of boos and laughter after making a quip about how Xtra Factor presenter Rylan ‘liked a back door’.

The joke was in response to Rylan Clark-Neal saying ‘I love a front door’ during a segment where the judges choose a fan to ask a question from behind one of the doors on screen.

Rylan took the joke in good spirits, bantering back: “Oh, Simon! Would you like me to show you how much?”.

Despite Rylan saying it was ‘just a joke between friends and meant extremely lighthearted[ly]’, many Twitter users took great offence at Cowell’s comments:

Some people saw the humour in the comment though:

Likening it to a Carry On joke…

But the most important response to the comment was from Rylan himself:

He said that he personally was not offended and brought up how it is the daily trolling and insults from strangers online that cause him a lot more offence.

Rylan signed off with a funny joke about blackmailing Simon into buying him a holiday home in Ibiza.