Simon Cowell Had Epic ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ On X-Factor Last Night


If you’re part of the ever thinning audience of the X Factor then last night you were treated to a catastrophic ‘wardrobe malfunction’ which resulted in Simon Cowell’s ‘manhood’ being revealed to the world. 

As Caitlyn Vanbeck came onto centre stage and dished out a questionable audition, most of the audience were more weirdly captivated by the unearthing of Cowell’s rather inadequate appendage.

As he sat cross-legged on the couch, something flesh coloured was quite clearly seen draping out of his trousers, reports the Daily Star.

Here’s a closeup screenshot of the incident that left viewers across the globe utterly speechless:


Now for the boring bit, as it turns out it’s only one of his ten toes.

Ironically, Simon’s toe illusion is probably more talented than anybody on the show…