Simon Cowell Loses It On BGT After David Walliams ‘Crosses The Line’ With Joke

by : Julia Banim on : 30 May 2018 21:34
Simon Cowell Walks Off Britain's Got Talent StageSimon Cowell Walks Off Britain's Got Talent StageITV

David Walliams is known to be the naughtiest judge on the Britain’s Got Talent panel, often winding Simon Cowell up no end.


However, the comedian may have taken things a tad too far this time, with a joke which enraged Simon to a degree viewers had never witnessed before.

Now, long-time watchers are well used to Simon’s withering glares and dream-crushing insults.

But it seems the 58-year-old producer does indeed have a firm line when it comes to wisecrack etiquette, and disruptive David has just pole-vaulted right over it…

David Walliams takes joke too far.David Walliams takes joke too far.ITV

The incident occurred during an episode of Britain’s Got More Talent, after presenter Stephen Mulhern asked the question we all wanted to know:

Out of the three, who would be Simon’s deputy?

Now there’s a question. Both Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden both wrote ‘me’ on their white boards.

However, David chose another tactic entirely; scribbling an inflammatory comment on his board which appeared to insinuate Simon had slept with Amanda:

Amanda. (Because they did it).

Stephen wisely chose not to read the second part of the answer out loud, but the other judges’ reactions spoke a thousand words.

Check out the joke which riled Simon up below:


Alesha gaped in shock at David’s audacity tutting ‘you can’t write that!’ before trying to scrub the rude words away.

Amanda on the other hand appeared highly amused, and reminded David how her husband – record producer Chris Hughes – was upstairs.

However, no reaction could have matched that of the head judge. Thunder and lightning appeared to cross Simon’s face as he regarded his cheeky colleague.

Leaping from his chair in anger, an incensed Simon fumed:

David, you’ve actually crossed the line!

You really are a smutty little man, aren’t you? Get out!

To this, David proudly replied:

Thank you very much, thank you very much.

Viewers could not get over the drama which had unfolded over the judges’ table, taking to Twitter to spread the goss.


One person chuckled:

David Walliams definitely pushing the statement Simon Cowell said last night about him being ‘unsackable’

I thought it was hilarious but Simon definitely didn’t [I’d] be surprised if he’s on tomorrow night.

Another guffawed:

Simon Cowell reaction to David Walliams was slightly dramatic. He’s furious […] gotta love Walliams.

However, some viewers felt David had pushed things a little too far with his notoriously stern boss.

One person remarked:

Tonight’s show was full of so many wrong things and arguments! There’s a line between banter and making someone angry.

I love David but he did the wrong thing tonight. I hope it all works out.

Another gave the following Twitter ticking off:

David Walliams you are so naughty. I’m surprised Simon Cowell isn’t sending you for therapy after you crossing the line last night. Bad man lol.

David recently appeared on Lorraine where he discussed the brotherly relationship between himself and Simon:

There’s actually nothing we wouldn’t say to each other.

We’re like brothers, we sort of love each other and hate each other in equal measure.

We are all guilty of crossing the line at times when bantering with mates. Let’s just hope Simon and David can patch things up after this latest flare-up…

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