Simon Cowell Seconds Away From Stopping BGT Act After He Nearly Drowns

by : UNILAD on : 14 Apr 2018 19:18

A horrified and totally shocked Simon Cowell was seconds away from stopping a dangerous act on ITV‘s Britain’s Got Talent.


BGT returns to our screens later today (April 14) for a twelfth series of ‘talent’ showcasing.

In tonight’s episode, Cowell stands up from his seat as an escapologist appears to start drowning in a ‘dramatic’ act.

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Matt Johnson’s act involves picking the lock on the handcuffs he’s wearing, removing a chain from his neck, then trying to find a correct key among 20 others while submerged underwater.


Johnson said his act should take one minute and 30 seconds, before warning the judges there’d be problems if he was in there for ten seconds longer.

He told them:

If I start floating and I pass out then you get me out.

Johnson completes the first parts but is still trying to find the correct key as the time ticks up to two minutes.

A concerned Simon says ‘ok’ and stands up, but Johnson finds the key in time and emerges from the tank.


Judge Alesha Dixon said everybody was ‘sick, anxious, yet entertained’ and Amanda Holden described it as ‘horrific, exciting and brave’.

Simon then said:


For a moment I actually did think this was going to go wrong.

Now, not to be a sceptic (but I am being), come on! I’m not falling for this.

On the show, Johnson revealed he’d trained for three years and attempted the act only five times before, saying it had ‘gone wrong more times than it had right’.


He also said he’d been having nightmares about being locked in the tank and not able to get out – here’s a tip, maybe don’t do it!?

Another contestant aiming for a place in the final is Mr Uekusa, who took things to a whole new level of weird, giving the judges an unexpected strip show they will probably not forget in a hurry.

You can watch it all here:

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First he was seen knotting a pair of nude tights around his head before balancing a glass filled with liquid on his cheek.

Ripping off the hosiery, amazingly, Mr Uekusa managed not to spill a single drop, earning him cheers from the majority of the audience.

However, it’s safe to say they became increasingly unimpressed as he attached plungers to his nipples and performed the same trick using a strip of red satin.


And yes, it’s every bit as weird as is sounds.


Judge David Walliams did seem to be enjoying the act, unable to stop laughing as the hopeful contestant lay down on the floor covered in nothing but a large red sheet of fabric.

Placing three cups and saucers strategically over his chest and downstairs region, Mr Uekusa successfully whipped off the sheet leaving him fully naked except for the dinnerware.

And this, I guess, is a sign of what’s to come on the show!

Britain’s Got Talent returns to our screens on Saturday on ITV at 8pm. Yay!

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