Simon Cowell To Pay £78,000 For Britain’s Got Talent Finalist’s Life-Changing Surgery


Nasty guy of TV Simon Cowell has offered to pay £78,000 for Britain’s Got Talent finalist’s life-changing surgery.

It seems the talent show judge is shrugging off his mean image these days, after hinting he was planning on paying the £78,000 needed by one of the show’s finalist’s for major surgery.

Julia Carlile – from the dance troupe MerseyGirls – requires extensive surgery on her back, or she may not be able to dance again and it appears Simon Cowell may be her knight in shining armour.


He told the Sun:

There’s no way I would ever have her [Julia] on this show and say, it’s all just about winning the £250,000. I couldn’t do that. You would do the same thing.

You get letters, you get calls. You have to draw the line at a certain point. But I think if someone comes on in this situation, to do nothing would be, well, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.

You create a connection. And I think with us, in this particular case, I think there is something we can do. There’s no way I would ever say: ‘Right, you came second, so it’s all over’.

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The 15-year-old has the spinal condition scoliosis, which could put her dancing career in jeopardy later on down the line and revealed she needs £100,000 for the corrective surgery.

The intensive operation would involve having titanium rods into the base of the spine, which would sadly restrict her movement, meaning her dance career would inevitably be over.

There may be some hope left for the teen though, as an operation available in America could provide Julia with a specific kind of surgery, which would enable her to continue performing.


Unfortunately, the surgery is extremely expensive and could only be done in America, which would mean the aspiring dancer and her family would have to cough up an extortionate amount in order for her to pursue her dreams.

Julia explained:

There is an operation called tethering surgery but it’s too expensive. After that you can actually dance, but we just couldn’t afford it.

It costs around $100,000 and it’s in America. But if we won Britain’s Got Talent then I could possibly have it and then dance for the rest of my life.


On hearing about her need for surgery and the costs involved, strangers have approached the 15-year-old, offering to help foot the hefty medical bill.

One of these is the major spine surgeon at Southampton Children’s Hospital – Evan Davies – who offered assistance after finding about her heartbreaking problem.

He said:

I am confident we can help Julia so would like to offer her and her family the chance to speak with me and my team.

If Julia’s family can get her x-rays and scans to me, I will review them and discuss with them what options are available to her.


The dance group are now through to the finals, after Alesha Dixon used her golden buzzer privilege to secure the girls’ place in the last stage and a step closer to the £250,000 prize.

She gushed:

That was beautiful, I loved it, that dance was stunning, you have a great message for all the girls out there to stick together.

And Amanda Holden added:

You girls come alive when you’re dancing. It was gorgeous, girls.


Julia’s career is very up in the air right now, but with generous pledges from the major music producer, things could start to look a lot more positive for her.

You can catch the final tonight at 7:30pm tonight Saturday 3rd June.