Skittles Have Just Released Possibly The Most F*cked Up Advert Of All Time


Skittles have just released a haunting new advert and it’s one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever seen…

The sweets company have a bit of a track record for their weird and wonderful – mainly weird – adverts, but it seems they have outdone themselves this time.

The multicoloured sweets brand opted for an ‘unusual’ choice for their Mother’s Day advert in the U.S and for some reason, chose to depict a seriously disturbing portrayal of the love between a mum and her son…

Here’s the advert. Watch at your peril:

At first it all seems harmless, just a shot of a mum and son sat on the sofa with the mum tucking into a packet of the sugary treats.

Then it develops into something much more sinister…

The camera pans up and an umbilical cord is revealed, connecting the two… Just take a second to process that as it has likely rendered you speechless.


That’s right, I’m sure among the horror, you’ve managed to work out the sweets which the mum is chomping down on are travelling through the umbilical cord and straight into her adult son’s stomach.

Everything about this advert will haunt your dreams – well nightmares – obviously the cord is creepy enough, but the guy’s facial expressions are on another level.

Absolutely horrifying and in no way do I feel closer to my mum- further away if anything.

The whole chilling concept is beyond grim, I feel I may be left mentally scarred for the rest of my life, but I sure will remember Skittles, so I guess it was job done.