Someone Has Re-Imagined The Simpsons As A Bleak British Sitcom

by : Saman Javed on : 07 Apr 2021 10:07
Someone Has Re-Imagined The Simpsons As A Bleak British SitcomAlasdair Beckett-King/YouTube

Someone has reimagined what The Simpsons would be like if it was British.

In short, as comedian Alasdair Beckett-King puts it himself, it would be shorter and a lot more depressing.


A short clip posted to his YouTube channel shows the new and Briticised Homer, Bartholomew and Margery sitting around the table. Upon first glance, the most notable change is how much bleaker and more grey everything looks.

For a start, the family are no longer yellow; a greenish beige would better describe their skin colour.

‘Ah, Bartholomew, out for another day of whimsical japes,’ Homer says as his son walks into the kitchen.


‘Do not have a cow, father,’ Bart replies, as Marge looks on, evidently ignoring the British flag on her plate.

The family appear unphased as a crack in the ceiling is heard, before the head of Winston Churchill falls down and hits the table.

‘The wean’s got the head of yon Winston Churchill,’ Margery says before Homer strangles his son to death. ‘Well Margery, the boy is dead. Eat your flag,’ Homer declares.

Alasdair Beckett-KingAlasdair Beckett-King/YouTube

In keeping with the dreariness of the clip, the outro is also absent of any theme music. Rather a voice lazily sings ‘The Simptsons’, of course adding in a ‘t’ to mark the British accent.

The clip, which was posted on April 2, has already been viewed more than 200,000 times. One YouTube user described it as a ‘realistic depiction of life in the UK’.

‘I choked on my flag while watching this. Most amusing,’ another commented. A third person praised King for making one of the most depressing cartoons to date.

‘I’m glad you ignored the usual stereotypes that are thrown out on the internet about the UK, and instead focused on how depressingly depressing our cartoons are,’ they said.

20th Century Studios20th Century Studios

King told viewers that if they subscribe to him and support him on crowdfunding site Kofi, he promises not to make any more British Simpsons. ‘This can end today,’ he said.

One user supposed what a full series of a British version of The Simpsons could look like. ‘Instead of over 600 episodes over 30 years, there would be nine episodes,’ they joked.

Some also suggested improvements and how British counterparts of the show’s other characters might behave.


‘You missed the best part where Mr Burns appears at the window and smirks… ‘splendiferous’,’ one person wrote.

Another said, ‘Homer and Ned haven’t spoken for 15 years after an argument over the bins, today they just toss sh*t in each other’s gardens while trying to film the other tossing sh*t in their garden.’

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