Someone Made A Supercut Of Every Grunt Tom Hardy Makes In Taboo

by : Francesca Donovan on : 13 Feb 2017 18:35

Tom Hardy has been enthralling viewers in the BBC‘s new period drama, Taboo.


British acting favourite, Tom Hardy plays the tough-talking and hard-to-hear gangster, James Delaney. While the show has achieved critical acclaim – despite losing Hardy millions – from its audience, most of us can’t help but notice the dialogue is a bit strange.

Wreaking havoc on the streets of London is not easy for the tattooed adventurer – more at home in Africa – so Hardy’s character persists to grunt his way through each hour-long episode.


One eagle-eyed YouTuber, flypiefilms, has now created a glorious mash up of every single Hardy grunt throughout Taboo, and squeezed all 72 of them into the space of just forty seconds.


The video affirms what we all secretly knew: Hardy’s acting skill knows so few bounds that he can convey cinematic excellence with just the slight, unfathomable omission from his vocal chords. His barely audible performance as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises is nothing in comparison to Delaney.

You can watch the full 40 second grunt-tacular below:

Fair enough, language in the 19th century might not have developed to the high standards of modern day linguistics, adept as we are in deploying memes and emojis instead of wasting our time with words.

If you’re after some more soothing words though, you can always relax and unwind with a Tom Hardy Bedtime Story special on CBeebies. Officially no grunting allowed.

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