Someone Made The Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge Video Game From Classic Simpson’s Episode

by : Lucy Connolly on : 15 Jun 2020 14:14
Someone Made The Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge Video Game From Classic Simpson's EpisodeSomeone Made The Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge Video Game From Classic Simpson's EpisodeTwentieth Century Fox/Aaron Demeter

An iconic video game that made its debut on The Simpsons as a joke 25 years ago has finally been adapted for us to play online.

The game, called Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge, was featured in the season five episode Marge Be Not Proud as an unwelcome gift Bart receives for Christmas. Admittedly I can’t blame him for being slightly underwhelmed; the game looked extremely boring even for 1995’s standards.


That’s not to say the news that the game has been recreated in 2020 is similarly unwelcome though, with fans of the show eager to immerse themselves in an actual game from The Simpsons’ universe. I mean let’s face it, that is pretty cool.

lee carvello's putting challenge the simpsonslee carvello's putting challenge the simpsonsTwentieth Century Fox

For those of you whose memory might be slightly hazy, Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge was a simple golfing simulator with a fictional golf pro at the helm. The game offered players the opportunity select a club and the force of their swing, although the titular character advised against the more fun options – for example, ‘power drive’ – each and every time.

The game is gifted to Bart after he loses Marge’s trust when he steals a copy of Bonestorm, a violent video game based loosely on the Mortal Kombat franchise, from the local supermarket because his mum won’t buy it for him. After getting caught, Bart spends the rest of the episode trying to make it up to her and when he does, Marge gives him the thoughtful but otherwise disappointing game.


Now, a designer called Aaron Demeter has recreated the game so fans of the sitcom can play it to their heart’s desire. The game received a lot of attention when former Simpsons showrunner Bill Oakley tweeted about it on Saturday, June 13, encouraging – well, insisting – his followers to check it out.

The game was uploaded to itch.io, an indie game store, two days ago. It remains faithful to the game depicted in the episode, even using much of the original audio, with the fictional Lee continuing to dampen players’ fun.

Not to worry though, because if you ignore the golfer’s advice you’re still able to swing the ball right into the parking lot as you could in the original version. What a day to be alive.


Who needs Bonestorm when you’ve got the potential for that kind of rebellion right there? You can check out the game here – and hey, don’t get too carried away, will you?

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